Minute 111: The Sexual Hulk

September 8, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

The man behind Pizza Rat and more importantly very funny and charming man, Matt Little, joins Crystal Beth and John Robert and in this episode Crystal informs the guys that drinking wine out of champagne flutes isn’t the best way to taste a sparkling wine (white wine glasses are), the periscopes and warships are back for a second and they compare President Lindberg to NYC mayor Bill de Blasio.

Minute 110: This Episode Brought to You By…

September 6, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

New York City comedian and writer, Matt Little, joins Crystal and John Robert for two minutes of The Fifth Eleminute. In this episode they talk about Leeloo’s journey to understanding that she has to sacrifice herself for the good of humanity, the healing power of Korben’s future arm gauze and how the president popped too early.