Minute 93: Bravo! Bravo!

July 28, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

It is Chris Scott’s third and last time on The Fifth Eleminute and they round out his time by talking about how much harder movies were to make before the digital age, Fhloston Paradise’s marketing team could rival Disney’s and Zorg is back!

Minute 92: The Hand Flappy Dance

July 26, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

New York City comedian Chris Scott joins Crystal Beth and John Robert for more Diva deconstruction, the Mangalore’s poor weaponry and c’mon Bruce, don’t be so hard to work with.

Minute 91: How to Hold a Puppy

July 24, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

Comedian Chris Scott joins The Fifth Eleminute this week and they breakdown the Diva’s breakdown, they find more evidence that the Fifth Element has genetic memory and John doesn’t know how to hold a dog.