Minute 105: The Spy Suite

August 25, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

Brian Waddell joins The Fifth Eleminute for the last time this week and they discuss Ruby Rhod getting a manicure in the middle of all the carnage, how there shouldn’t be camera in the Diva’s suite even if it is the extra security room and they theorize about how Ruby is actually Detective James Carter from the past.

Minute 104: “Well, that’s your tomato, Buckaroo!”

August 23, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

The glorious Brian Waddell joins The Fifth Eleminute again and in this episode they muse upon whether Besson made Baby Ray deaf because he doesn’t respect actors, how 4K HD TVs tends to make movies from before the year 2000 look awful and David Fishley kills it as Ruby’s sad assistant and Carlton Chance does not.

Minute 103: The Metric Gathering Minute

August 21, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

NYC comedian and computer brain Brian Waddell joins Crystal Beth and John Robert for the week and they discuss the joys of data chunking, how stressed out Zorg is at this point and why is the Control Room so close to all of the guests rooms?