Minute 117: The Return of Bruno

September 22, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

NYC comedian, the funniest man and host of the Science Friction podcast, Asterios Kokkinos, joins Crystal and John for the final time and they talk about doomsday prepping, the area of effect of a shotgun and whether Finger is a childhood friend or not.

Minute 116: Maki Guso

September 20, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

Sriracha and Asterios Kokkinos join Crystal Beth and John Robert for another episode and this episode is all about Starbucks, how David’s negativity and mournful sigh saves the universe for the first time, bean throwing holidays in Japan, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and does breath technically count as wind? Does it?

Minute 115: Movers and Shakers

September 18, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

Crystal and John Robert are joined by comedians Asterios Kokkinos and Sriracha from podcasts Science Friction and the 5 Minute Podcast respectively. In this episode they talk about pretty much everything: Japanese waifu culture, Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Hong Kong Cop, Home Alone, the Dugger Family, Hollywood Hot Goss, Falcon’s Stadium, riddles, the Russian Police and some Fifth Element sprinkled in there for fun.