Minute 14: “I Love Purple!”

January 25, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

In Minute 14 we meet the strong, handsome and confident President of the Federated Territories. We see the four elements again and is Beardy Priest still alive 300 years later?

Minute 13: Old War Dog

January 23, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

Minute 13 breaks down what is going on inside of General Staedert’s war ship and we begin to learn more about this mysterious phenomenon that is taking shape next to Jupiter.

Minute 12: 127 Hours

January 20, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

Guest Host Alex Robinson, Crystal Beth and John Robert discuss whether or not the door closing on the Mondoshawan’s hand kills him and what the clean up is like for Beardy Priest and Billy after the aliens leave.

Minute 11: Quick Aside

January 18, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

Guest Host Alex Robinson, Crystal and John Robert discuss what they would do if they knew the world was going to end in three years. Apparently Alex has some feuds to settle…

Minute 10: Prequels for Everyone

January 16, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

Guest Host Alex Robinson joins Crystal and John Robert as they talk about the similarities between The Fifth Element and Star Wars, how the Mondoshawan shouldn’t be speaking English and discuss possible prequels and sequels of the The Fifth Element’s opening characters.

Minute 9: Are You German?

January 13, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

The Mondoshawans say that war is coming and the stones aren’t safe on Earth anymore. They are right. Don’t trust humans with important things.

Minute 8: The Mondoshawans

January 11, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

Why is the ship so wet? What do the Mondoshawan really look like? Why did Crystal wink? Where is a snail’s anus? We ask the important questions here.

Minute 7: We Found the Fun!

January 9, 2017 Crystal Beth 0

Crystal Beth and John Robert give John Bennett AKA Beardy Priest the respect he deserves, figure out Aziz’s reflector system and talk about how scary children laughing can be.

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