The Feels
Crystal Beth is referred to by some as the Movies by Minute Queen and referred to by others as That Girl Who Talks About Star Wars And Video Games Too Much But She’s Excited So We Should Just Let Her Keep Going. She has been a guest on almost all of the movies by minute podcasts and she is very excited to finally have one of her very own now. Crystal has been featured on DC All Access, MTV, Huffington Post, Funny or Die and you can listen to her co-host the video game podcast Unlimited Lives Radio available on iTunes!

The Reals
John Robert is a comedian, podcaster and human computer living in NYC. He performs monthly in NYC with his supergroup Thank You, Robot and in the past has been on late night tv doing bit parts. Having a knack for all things technical, John Robert likes to focus on the more science-y part of The Fifth Element universe. “The Reals” is also a native Louisianan and Webby award winning web developer.